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Ecommerce Marketplace

Easily create your own Marketplace where sellers add their own products.
Jam packed with essential features and versatile technology, the possibilities are endless.

Taxi Solution

Our Taxi-Solution includes State of The Art features that allows you to successfully build your own Uber/Lyft App.

Marketplace for Travel
Agencies & Services

Think you can do it better than the competition? This solution allows you to create a full scale marketplace for Travelling & Services relating to it.

Food Delivery

Delivery in the last few years has skyrocketed as a business model. With Our Food Delivery Solution, You can instantly get started on creating your own.

Coaching Based

Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Educators will love this! Stand out from the rest with your own Coaching platform and create something unique for your students.

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If it Can Be Dreamed, it Can Be Coded.

Zelara Technologies specializes in pre-packaged software solutions, Custom Development, and Brand Acquisition. Whether you’re wanting to expand your business, or make one, we have your back.

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Custom Coding Development

From Software, Apps, Marketplaces, and more, we can make it happen.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO is overcomplicated and pricey. We simplify this down to a science and provide you with what actually makes a difference.

Social Outreach

With a comprehensive network of influencers, we have all the utilities to skyrocket your brand to the top.

Business Consultation &
Education Services

Need some help? We got you covered. With renowned names within the business space ready to provide you with their best, transform your brand and take it to the next level.


Comprehensive Marketing Plans custom curated specifically for you, your business, and industry.


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